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Effective Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of outbound marketing that helps you deliver personalized messages to subscribed users as a form to educate, convince and lead them to take relevant action on a specified landing page. To excel in email marketing there are some background rules and basics that should be followed to the letter to avoid misinforming your audience.

In this piece, I will show you some key elements of successful email marketing and how your business can benefit from the potential of this marketing effort. Let’s dive into the most comprehensive guide to email marketing and explore some key aspects of the marketing efforts you should take into consideration.

The interesting thing about email marketing is that it is an effective way of converting prospects and reaching out to a wider audience who is interested in your business activities. It is also a way to turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer and of course a way to build a community of product users.

Email marketing has been around for a long time and as well has been a proven way to continuously convert customers at a cheaper cost. As a direct way of marketing your product and services, you can easily nurture leads to customers, and consequently, win them over to another marketing platform where you can engage with them much better.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of you setting up your email marketing effort as well as how you can generate sales and leads 24/7.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

The primary question is why is email marketing very important, and how your business can benefit from it. Despite the rise in social media usage and continuous increase in spam emails, which isn’t a good way to market your product and service, email stands as one of the most effective ways to convert potential customers and the targeted audience who are interested in your business offerings. There are different reasons why you should leverage email marketing and make it your top priority these reasons include;

  1. Email is one of the best communication tools and channels: Based on statistics, about 90 to 95 percent of customers check their emails daily. There is no other channel that measures up to these statistics, this makes it one of the most resourceful platforms for businesses to utilize.

  2. Your email list is particular to you: As a business, whenever you build an email list, you own the email list outrightly and no one can take that away from you. For instance, your account can be deleted on social media platforms meanwhile your communication through emails stands forever.

  3. Email conversions are better off: It has also been established that customers who buy products and services through email spend about 138 percent more than customers who do not receive email offers. Besides, the return on investment of email marketing activities is 4400 percent. This is huge for businesses of any type and three times higher than the social media platform itself.

How Email Marketing Works

You might be confused about how email marketing works and what is the best way for you to benefit from the opportunity the platform offers to business owners. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here is a summarized breakdown of how email marketing works.

  1. Build your personalized list: Your primary focus when it comes to email marketing is to build an email list you would send out your campaign to. Another essential thing you should take note of is that your email marketing effort would not be effective if you have the wrong people in your email. It is best you capture the targeted audience by generating a lead by offering value for prospects’ email addresses.

  2. Sign up for email marketing service provider: the next effort towards achieving your email marketing goal as a business or person is to sign up for email service providers. There are different email service providers like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Get prospects and many more. With the automation tool provided by your email service provider, you can schedule emails, customize, and segment your email list.

Growing Your Email List

What most businesses do whenever they are hoping to build an email list is to put out a signup form, on their website which doesn’t work most times. The best idea and method to grow your email list is to build lead magnets resources.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet can be described as a bribe given to someone in exchange for their email address. The lead magnet could be a certain percentage off, a link to resources like ebook, podcast access, and audio files which would be at a minimal cost or no cost at all. Here are some examples of the lead magnet;

  • A webinar access

  • Free trial samples

  • A coupon or promotional offer

What are the features of a good lead magnet?

You are aware that a lead magnet is the best way to provide value to potential email subscribers in exchange for their email addresses. There are some criteria your lead magnet should fulfill and they include;

  1. The lead magnet should be easy to consume: The lead magnets should be simple, value-oriented, and interesting to the audience. If your lead magnet is boring, it wouldn’t gain the right traction.

  2. Relevant: You must carry out the necessary research on your potential prospects and how best they can be marketed. This would help you come up with a successful relevant lead magnet.

  3. Immediate value: People are all out for instant gratification, it is important that your lead magnet hosts the right information and can be delivered to their email box immediately they sign up for resources.

The benefits of email marketing are overwhelming and businesses can explore the opportunity it offers. Aside from this, you should be able to build an email list that entails potential audiences interested in your service.

In the next piece, I would show you what email service is best for your business, the benefits their ulcers can derive from the email service provider, how you can segment your email list for effective conversion, and also methods to improve email open rate.

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